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The “Never Settle” Android smartphone has an exciting price and even more interesting specs, but OnePlus doesn’t appear to have what it takes to meet the impressive demand, or at least not for the time being. That’s why the company is using an invite system, which will be the only way to buy a OnePlus One handset for now. The company on Saturday announced that it’s finally ready to roll out the first “major batch of invites,” although it did not provide an actual release date, saying the invites are coming “soon.”

“We’ve planned two upcoming contests for you to win one or more invites for the 64GB Sandstone Black version of the One,” the company wrote. “As always, we welcome all of our fans to participate in our events and share the excitement with as many as possible – whether you’ve just joined us or if you’ve been with us for a while.”

More importantly, the company has also shared more details about how the first batch of invites will be distributed. A system has been developed for invites, taking into account three parameters, including OnePlus “forum age,” number of posts and recent activity status.

The company did not say how many invites it’ll issue at first, but did note that they’ll be good for 24 hours only, in order to “avoid accidentally creating a second-hand invite market.” OnePlus One fans who will pass up the chance to buy the handset in the first 24 hours will lose their invite, which will be pass on to the next person in the queue.

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