One of the world's oldest books heads to auction

STORY: This is one of the oldest books in existence

The Crosby-Schoyen Codex is from Egypt and was written around 250-350 AD

(Eugenio Donadoni, Christie’s)

“And it's right at that period, when, that transitional period, when papyrus scroll starts turning into codex form. So, books as we know them today. And what we have in this book is the earliest known texts of two books of the Bible. So, the earliest known text of the first epistle of Peter. And the earliest known text of the Book of Jonah. So crucially important from a textual perspective, from a perspective of Bible studies.” // “If you think about the time frame and the immediacy of those very, very early Christians to the period of Jesus Christ, they have, it’s only a couple of hundred years away. And they’re learning how to celebrate Easter. And this is and this is a witness to that, you know, to the earliest ritual.”

Christie’s estimates it will sell for up to $3.8 million when it is auctioned on June 11