One strike on Sevastopol by Ukrainian army can devastate half of the city, military expert says

Russian sailors in occupied Sevastopol, Crimea, on July 6, 2023
Russian sailors in occupied Sevastopol, Crimea, on July 6, 2023

There are many potential targets near the Russia-occupied city of Sevastopol, aside from the Russian Black Sea Fleet, that could be targeted by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Taras Berezovets, a political analyst and officer from the Ivan Bohun Brigadeof the Ukrainian Armed Forces, said in an interview on Radio NV on July 16.

“There are numerous military facilities that can become targets. This includes Strelka Bay, where the remnants (or debris, to be precise) of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet are located.”

“This is due to a significant portion of combat ships being either at sea, well beyond the reach of Ukrainian anti-ship missiles, or having been transferred to Russian territory,” said Berezovets.

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Moreover, he mentioned that Sevastopol houses the most powerful air defense systems in Crimea, which serve to protect the Black Sea Fleet.

“In addition, Sevastopol contains a significant number of fleet-related facilities. Primarily, these are ammunition depots that Russia has failed to evacuate. There are also numerous support bases where ammunition and petroleum products are stored,” he added.

Berezovets said he believes that a single explosion in the city could cause significant damage, especially to civilians. However, he quickly emphasizes that the responsibility for this lies with the occupying country, Russia.

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“Sevastopol can be described as a massive powder keg within Crimea. And a serious strike could trigger a massive explosion that might easily devastate half of the city.”

“Placing military ammunition depots in a civilian area is solely the responsibility of the occupying authorities, who will be fully liable for any consequences,” he said.

In occupied Sevastopol, two explosions were reported on the morning of July 16. The occupying authorities claim that the city was attacked by nine unmanned aerial vehicles of various types, including two underwater drones. The Russian Ministry of Defense asserts that all drones were “eliminated.”

Subsequently, a video surfaced on social media showing chaotic exchanges of gunfire by the Russian forces.

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