One place you won't find guns in the wake of the Texas school massacre? The NRA's upcoming leadership conference in Houston this week.

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  • One place you won't be able to find firearms in Texas is at the NRA's Houston conference this week.

  • Attendees aren't allowed to bring their firearms into the event, per Secret Service guidelines.

  • That's because former President Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the forum.

One place you won't be able to find firearms in Texas after the Robb Elementary School massacre is, surprisingly, the National Rifle Association's upcoming forum in Houston on May 27.

According to a memo on the NRA's website, NRA members will not be able to bring their firearms to the Houston meeting.

The leadership forum is described as "one of the most politically significant and popular events in the country, featuring our nation's top Second Amendment leaders in government, the media, and the entertainment industry."

Confirmed speakers for the event include former President Donald Trump and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Other scheduled speakers include Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

However, the listing for the event, which is scheduled to begin on Friday at 2 p.m., flags "IMPORTANT" security information that all attendees must abide by.

"With the announcement that President Donald J. Trump will be speaking at the Forum, the US Secret Service will take control of the General Assembly Hall and have magnetometers in place before entry. You will be subject to a search of your person and belongings," read the memo.

The memo outlines how, per the US Secret Service's guidelines, "firearms, firearm accessories, knives, and other items WILL NOT BE PERMITTED in the General Assembly Hall."

The NRA also advised its members to "read the list of prohibited items carefully before traveling to the event."

"You will not be allowed in the General Assembly Hall with any of the items on this list," read the NRA's event guidelines. "There is no storage available for firearms."

This is not particular to this event. Guns have previously been prohibited by the Secret Service at events concerning the Service, even in open-carry states.

The conference occurs three days after at least 19 children and two adults were killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, around 277 miles west of Houston. The tragedy is the deadliest elementary school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, which killed 27 in 2012.

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