One man accused of intimidating a witness, assault

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A Scranton man is facing accusations of allegedly intimidating a witness after initially being charged with assault due to a fight that occurred in October.

Police say on Sunday, October 29, around 3:50 a.m., officers responded to the parking lot of 108 North Washington Avenue for an assault.

Officers say upon arrival they saw two men being treated by EMS, one of who was inside the ambulance, lying down with blood covering his face with both eyes shut.

Law enforcement then spoke to a woman who stated that she and her group of friends which consisted of two men and another woman were inside the Scranton Liederkranz and throughout the night, a man, identified as Thomas Exeter, allegedly gave her $50.

According to a police criminal complaint as the group’s night ended, they left the business, and one of the men said to Exeter “Thanks for the $50,” and while in the parking lot across the street, Exeter and his friend began arguing with two men who were friends of the female, and a fight ensued.

<strong><em>Thomas Exeter: Courtesy: Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office</em></strong>
Thomas Exeter: Courtesy: Lackawanna County District Attorney’s Office

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As the criminal complaint reads Exeter allegedly punched one man in the face knocking him to the ground and then punched the other man in the mouth.

Police say the fight continued and Exeter’s unknown friend allegedly ran over to the first victim who was trying to get up and repeatedly punched him in the head and face, knocking him unconscious.

According to the affidavit, the unknown man was separated from the victim and he and Exeter ran to a vehicle, quickly fleeing the scene. The victim’s friends then called 911 and he was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries, officers said.

Police say doctors confirmed that the victim had multiple fractures to his nose and had fractured
his whole left side orbital bone area.

As the affidavit reads police spotted Exeter near the Scranton Liederkranz shouting at two different females and officers yelled back to him that he should get in his vehicle
before he was arrested.

Officers say he replied to them by shouting “Why don’t you shut the {expletive} up before I
punch/beat your face in.”

Police say they advised him that he was not going to be acting that way, especially in the middle of the street while intoxicated. Exeter allegedly continued yelling at police as they drove away and officers radioed in the incident as disorderly.

Exeter was initially charged with hindering apprehension, simple assault, harassment and
disorderly conduct and a preliminary hearing was scheduled.

However, according to court documents, Exeter’s hearing was continued until December 13 at 11:30 a.m. and he is now facing additional charges.

The Lackawanna District Attorney’s office says Exeter was arrested on November 2 and charged with intimidating a witness/victim to withhold testimony.

There is no word as to why Exeter faces the additional charges, but this is a developing story and 28/22 News will update you with the latest information as it becomes available.

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