One-legged accused shoplifter who urinated on cops busted again after being released without bail: NYPD

The one-legged accused shoplifter caught on camera urinating in the air while wrestling with cops arresting him was released without bail — and was busted for assault just hours later, police said Friday.

The newly-released Eutano Bernard had just returned to his Upper East Side stomping grounds Thursday evening when he repeatedly struck a 68-year-old woman in the knee with one of his crutches at the 68th St.-Hunter College subway station, cops said.

Cops at the station took him into custody for assault.

“Well, that didn’t take long,” Inspector Melissa Eger, the commanding officer of the 19th Precinct, tweeted Friday. “The criminal who robbed a CVS, assaulting two employees & two cops—ARRESTED AGAIN!”

Eger said Bernard also threatened to push the woman down the subway station stairs during the clash.

On Thursday morning, Bernard was released without bail for attacking two CVS workers and two cops at Lexington Ave. near E. 88th St. on Wednesday.

The homeless man, who stays in a Brooklyn shelter, swung at store employees after he was caught palming $65 worth of items, including six cans of Red Bull and four Master Lock padlocks, according to prosecutors.

He punched the workers with one of the padlocks looped between his fingers like a pair of brass knuckles, according to court papers.

He also fought off two police officers called to the scene, striking both officers in the face.

As cops wrestled him to the ground, Bernard took a moment to relive himself, video obtained by the Daily News shows.

“Oh no!” a Bronx physical trainer who recorded the video, who only wants to be identified as Julio, screamed as he recorded. “That’s disgusting. That’s f---ing disgusting.”

Bernard was taken to Metropolitan Hospital for a medical evaluation before he went to court. The cops were also briefly hospitalized.

One of the officers was “bleeding from the mouth,” Julio said.

“They were trying to restrain him and that’s when he decided to pee on them,” Julio told The News.

Bernard was hit with a raft of charges including robbery, aggravated assault of a police officer and petty larceny. A Manhattan Assistant District Attorney asked that he be held on $200,000, but the judge decided to place him on supervised release.

Bernard, who sometimes uses a wheelchair and is known by area merchants as “Wheelie,” has never done state time but has 14 arrests under his belt stretching back to 1999, police said.

Most of the arrests are for robbery and assault, cops said.