How one German town outsmarted Neo-Nazis and made them march against extremism

Neo-Nazis given free bananas on their march (RECHTS GEGEN)
Neo-Nazis given free bananas on their march (RECHTS GEGEN)

Perhaps they should try this in Charlottesville.

A German town, disgusted by the annual march by neo-Nazis that took place there, came up with an ingenious way to try and stop fascists marching through their town.

The small Bavarian town of Wunsiedel used to be the the burial site of Rudolf Hess, the leading Nazi who died in Spandau prison after being captured in the UK after he flew to try and negotiate a peace deal in 1941.

As a result modern-day Nazis annually march through Wunsiedel.

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Although Hess’ body was removed in 2011, the marches continue.

But now there are fewer Nazis marching because of an ingenious idea by the town.

In 2014 it decided to make the Neo-Nazis unwittingly raise money for anti-fascist causes.

Wunsiedel announced that for every metre walked by the Nazis, €10 would be donated to organisation EXIT-Deutschland, which helps neo-Nazi extremists escape radicalism.

In addition, the route of the march was marked with banners thanking the neo-Nazis for raising money for anti-fascism.

The banners included slogans such as “If only the Führer knew!” and “Quick like a greyhound! Tough like leather! And as generous as never before”.

Nazi leader Rudolf Hess (far right) (Rex)
Nazi leader Rudolf Hess (far right) (Rex)

They also try to change views with kindness, laying out bananas for marchers.

The clever plan has seen the number of marchers almost cut in half to around 120.

They also dubbed the march “Nazis against Nazis”.

American website “Think Progress” reports that the idea could be adopted in cities in the US in the wake of violence in Charlottesville last weekend, which saw one person killed by an alleged white supremacist.