One of the best new games of 2014 is free for 48 hours beginning this weekend

One of the best new games of 2014 is free for 48 hours beginning this weekend

Gamers who somehow haven’t yet played Titanfall, which is easily one of the best new video games that has debuted thus far in 2014, should do everything they can to rectify the situation immediately. And as it turns out, this weekend marks the perfect time to do just that. Electronic Arts on Friday announced that beginning this weekend, users can download Titanfall for free and play as much as they want for two full days at no charge.

This is not a feature-constrained demo. Gamers will get the full version of Titanfall and they can play free for 48 hours.

Also of note, the free two-day period doesn’t only cover this weekend. The clock begins ticking whenever you start playing the game — whether that’s tomorrow or a month from now.

“Haven’t felt the thrill of dropping an 18-foot tall metallic beast on your opponent? What about the rush of leaping from wall to wall through the war-torn alleyways of a devastated compound? This is your chance to really see for yourself what Titanfall is all about,” EA wrote on its blog. “Play it for yourself. It won’t cost you a thing.”

EA’s offer applies only to the PC version of Titanfall, which can be downloaded from the company’s Origin network.

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