Once Upon a Time Is Bringing Back Maleficent: True Blood's Kristin Bauer Will Return for a Major Arc

Kristin Bauer will reprise her role as Maleficent on Once Upon a Time, Entertainment Weekly reports.

When the True Blood alum last appeared on the ABC drama at the end of Season 2, what remained of Maleficent's body after Emma had slain her had been reanimated into a zombie creature stuck in the cave under the clock tower.

Bauer will recur in a major story arc during the second half of Season 4, suggesting that Maleficent might become the show's next Big Bad once its much-hyped Frozen storyline ices over. There's also the chance that Maleficent's return will draw more from the recent Angelina Jolie movie rather than the Sleeping Beauty story, since Aurora is already married and pregnant. Here's hoping that's the case, and that OUAT takes inspiration from Maleficent by introducing Aurora's father, King Stefan, the love of the witch's life who burned her wings.

Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, September 28 at 8pm on ABC.

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