Omarosa’s Book Sales Are Tanking, But She Claims To Have More Dirt On Trump

Patricia Grannum
Omarosa Manigault Newman
Omarosa Manigault Newman

Omarosa Manigault Newman dominated the news cycle during the first week of her tell-all book release, but it looks like that publicity hasn’t sustained second-week sales. The Washington Post reports that the sales for Unhinged are on a downward trend, despite its current place on the New York Times Bestseller List. According to the Post, its place on that list is not secure ahead of the release of new titles that could bump it all the way off.

But it looks like Omarosa is not about to go down without a fight. Yahoo! reports that she has even more “dirt” on Trump, specifically about his ties to the Kremlin. In an interview on the Skullduggery podcast, she declared that she was also open to testify at an impeachment trial against Trump if it ever happens.

“I have the truth on my side as well as a hundred emails and documents and other things,” she said.

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