Olivia Wilde Talks Going Nude In 'Cowboys & Aliens': 'You Have To Go 100 Percent'

Access Hollywood
Olivia Wilde chats with Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos at the "Cowboys & Aliens" junket in Montana, July 2011 -- Access Hollywood

Big screen beauty Olivia Wilde isn't shy about dropping her clothes - as long as it's needed for the movie's plot.

The 27-year-old star shows off her assets in two summer movies, "Cowboys & Aliens" and "The Change-Up."

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"There's a little nudity in this one, Olivia told Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos recently at the "Cowboys & Aliens" junket.

"A little butt action?" Maria asked.

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"There is! Yes," she said with a laugh.

"I feel like if I feel really safe and if I feel like the story calls for it then I'm not so shy," she explained.

As for "The Change-Up," Olivia said she was unaware that she'd bared her backside on screen until people began asking her about it.

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"With 'The Change-Up' I didn't really realize that's what was happening, as if I didn't really know where the camera was. So then people saw the movie and they're like, 'You know your butt's in the movie?' and I was like, 'What?'" she explained. "I had no idea! But you know, I think when you agree to do a movie, like that you have to go 100 percent for it!"

"Cowboys & Aliens," with Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford hits theaters on July 29 and "The Change-Up," with Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, debuts the following week on August 5.

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