Olena Zelenska: Ukraine's victory is a win for humanity and global security

Olena Zelenska
Olena Zelenska
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Ukraine’s First Lady, Olena Zelenska, opened up about her personal hopes amidst the ongoing war and the broader significance of Ukraine's struggle for the international community in an interview with the Slovenian publication OnaPlus on April 2.

Zelenska expressed her yearning for an end to the war and simple pleasures, such as cherishing moments with family and friends. 

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"I dream of seeing a carefree pre-war smile on my husband's face," she said.

"It would mean that the worst is behind us, that we have prevailed. Although much work remains ahead, the era of death and destruction will finally come to an end. I dream of being with my family not only when I can spare time, but as often as I want. I dream of seeing my friends whenever and wherever I wish."

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"Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an alarm bell for Europe and the global community," Zelenska said. "The victory of Ukraine holds paramount importance for every decent person in the world who wants to uphold humanity and security."

"This is multifaceted. From a pragmatic perspective — the dictator's ambitions will not halt in Ukraine. Eastern Europe, having endured subjugation under both the Russian and Soviet empires, understands this reality all too well. The ethical one: what kind of world will it be if the rule of tanks, missiles, and nuclear threats prevails instead of civilized relations? Will any borders and independent governments still make sense? Will anyone get carte blanche for attacks, territorial conquests, human subjugation, or child abduction?"

"That's why the world needs Ukraine's victory now. So that this never happens again elsewhere. War remains war. One need not face aggression firsthand to empathize with those defending their lives. Everyone who lives in peace today should listen to and hear Ukraine."

Zelenska also spoke about the "war fatigue." "For every Ukrainian, everything is very 'determined,'" she said.

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"We know for sure that they [Russians] are trying to kill us and that they are killing us, so we cannot afford the luxury of fatigue or gloomy thoughts. We don't have time for that. Recently, the Russians killed five children in Odesa, all at once. They were the children of three families living in the same apartment building. Neighbors."

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