What to Do with Your Old Computer

Sabah Karimi
Yahoo! Contributor Network

Your old computer may not be in resale condition but you can still get some of your investment back through a trade-in or buy back program at your local electronics store. Many computer manufactures and electronics stores also take old computers for an electronics recycling program so you can make sure that hardware is disposed of in an environmentally way. If your computer still works but is now just an older model, you could sell it to someone looking for a used computer.

Here are three ideas on what to do with your old computer:

Trading in Your Old Computer

If you're in the market for another computer or other electronics, participate in a buyback program so you can get some money back for the computer's value. As long as the computer is still functional and in relatively good condition, you'll be able to trade it in for a small percentage of your purchase price. RadioShack's Trade-In Program makes it very simple to trade an old computer for store credit and you can use those funds to make your next computer purchase. Find out how much your computer is worth online, then take the item into a store or ship it to RadioShack for a gift card. Shipping is free, provided you use the prepaid shipping label from RadioShack. If you take your computer into a store, you can get an appraisal for the computer on the spot and decide whether you want to trade it in for store credit.

Selling Your Old Computer

If your old computer is in very good or "like new" condition, consider selling it yourself by running a classified ad, posting it on Craigslist, or selling it on auction sites like eBay. Just take note of any selling fees and transaction fees associated with the sale so you can post the item for an attractive price. Consider offering free shipping and other incentives to prospective buyers for a quick sale.

Recycling Your Old Computer

If you don't think your computer has much value or you just don't have the time to create an ad or trade it in, find out if there are any electronics recycling centers in your area. Several of these centers offer pick-up services and convenient drop-off locations around your town or city. You may also be able to recycle your computer at a local office supply or electronics store, or directly through the manufacturer.