Old cheese. Moldy fruit. Bugs. Contamination risk. Wichita KS restaurant inspections

Three restaurants, a bakery and one of the kitchens in Wichita’s downtown events arena were out of compliance during food safety and lodging inspections conducted by the Kansas Department of Agriculture last week.

Information about the five businesses and a summary of their violations appears below. The list was compiled Nov. 21 and includes inspections conducted in Sedgwick County from Nov. 12-18.

More than 60 establishments passed inspections last week. They also appear below. Some may have been non-compliant in previous weeks.

Owners or managers can contact Eagle reporter Amy Renee Leiker at 316-268-6644 or aleiker@wichitaeagle.com to comment on inspection results that appear in this story.

More details about the problems are in The Eagle’s searchable database of non-compliant restaurant and hotel inspections at www.kansas.com/databases.

How establishments fail

Most violations are minor and are corrected during an inspection.

Businesses fall out of compliance when they have too many violations, issues that can cause foodborne illnesses or when a problem can’t be fixed right away, like bug and rodent infestations. Typically, failed establishments are re-inspected within 10 days.

It’s rare for a facility to shut down over a failed inspection, but it can happen due to sewage backups, pest problems, water or power outages, among other issues. Usually, closures are temporary.

You can search food and lodging inspection results in any Kansas county at www.foodsafety.kda.ks.gov/FoodSafety/Web/Inspection/PublicInspectionSearch.aspx.

Out-of-compliance inspections

China Inn, 4605 E. Central in Wichita — Fourteen violations on Nov. 17 during a routine inspection. Cockroaches including “approximately 24-30 live cockroaches” on dishwashing machine, dry foods stored along kitchen wall and food debris accumulated under dishwashing machine which can attract pests, restaurant was using insecticides not rated for use in restaurants, raw pork stored above buckets of water chestnuts, dirty soup cup in dedicated hand-washing sink, “approximately 4-6 dead cockroaches observed throughout kitchen” can attract more bugs, employee didn’t wash hands between cracking raw eggs and handling to-go containers, calamari thawing in standing water, several foods including fried chicken and egg rolls had no preparation date listed on them, restaurant was using a reusable linen instead of paper towels at hand-washing sink which can cause contamination, moldy chili peppers, foods including vegetables and calamari weren’t held at the correct temperatures, fried chicken was sitting at room temperature, containers of over-the-counter medications were stored above clean dishes and tub of flour. Next inspection: Nov. 27.

Hibachi Boy, 3010 E. Central in Wichita — Two violations on Nov. 15 during a follow-up inspection. No hot water at kitchen hand-washing sink, the restaurant didn’t have a hand-washing sink in its upstairs preparation area. Next inspection: Dec. 15.

Intrust Bank Arena first floor commissary kitchen, 500 E. Waterman in Wichita — Four violations on Nov. 17 during a routine inspection. Old mozzarella cheese, kitchen didn’t keep records related to vacuum packaging, moldy blackberries, dirty food dicers. Next inspection: Dec. 17.

Juarez Bakery, 1068 N. Waco in Wichita — Two violations on Nov. 13 during a follow-up inspection. No paper towels at hand-washing sink, baked goods for sale on display shelves aren’t stored behind doors or anything else to protect them from contamination. Next inspection: Dec. 13.

Thai Village House of Pad Thai, 2020 S. Rock Road in Wichita — Two violations on Nov. 16 during a follow-up inspection. The temperature in a kitchen cooler was too warm, no test strips on site to test chlorine sanitizer. Next inspection: Jan. 16.

How to complain

If you see problems at a food or lodging establishment, you can file a complaint.

To notify the state about unsavory or questionable conditions anywhere that serves or sells food to the public, email kda.fsl@ks.gov or call 785-564-6767. You can also file a report at www.foodsafetykansas.org.

To report an illness you think was caused by a restaurant, food or event, contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment at 877-427-7317 or www.foodsafetykansas.org.

Complaints about conditions at hotels and motels can be submitted at https://agriculture.ks.gov/kda-services/complaint-form/food-safety-and-lodging-complaint.

For more information about foodborne illnesses, visit www.foodsafety.gov.

These businesses passed inspections

  • Abilene Elementary School, 522 N. Abilene in Valley Center

  • Academy Sports and Outdoors, 2540 N. Greenwich in Wichita

  • Bagatelle Bakery, 6801 E. Harry in Wichita

  • Burger King located in Kwik Shop, 5340 N. Maize Road in Maize

  • Challenger Intermediate School, 325 N. Walnut in Goddard

  • Charlie’s Car Wash, 3323 N. Rock Road in Wichita

  • Charlie’s Car Wash, 10510 W. 21st St. in Wichita

  • Dillons Fuel Center, 10304 W. 13th St. in Wichita

  • Dillons Fuel Center, 2212 N. Maize Road in Wichita

  • Discount Cigarettes and Gas, 2160 S. Broadway in Wichita

  • Discovery Intermediate School, 301 S. Main in Goddard

  • Dollar Tree, 2783 N. Greenwich in Wichita

  • Etcetera Etcetera, 111 W. Academy in Maize

  • Family Mart, 1545 S. Meridian in Wichita

  • Fizz Burgers and Bottles, 7718 E. 37th St. North #100 in Wichita

  • Godfather’s Pizza, 4840 S. Broadway in Wichita

  • Gotta Stop, 5600 W. MacArthur Road in Wichita

  • Gourmet Asian Market, 10939 E. Harry, Suite 109 in Wichita

  • Hobby Lobby, 2425 N. Greenwich in Wichita

  • HomeGoods, 2716 N. Greenwich in Wichita

  • HomeGoods, 2864 N. Maize Road in Wichita

  • Hurricane Sports Grill, 8641 W. 13th St., Suite 111 in Wichita

  • Intrust Bank Arena second and third floor Guitar Bar, 500 E. Waterman in Wichita

  • Islamic Society of Wichita, 6655 E. 34th St. North in Wichita

  • Jimmy’s Egg, 317 N. Rock Road in Derby

  • K Crew Grill (mobile vendor/food truck), 5 W. Timothy Lane in Goddard

  • Kelly’s Family Diner, 2131 S. Broadway in Wichita

  • Lamar’s Donuts, 3130 N. Rock Road in Wichita

  • La Jorachita Mexican Food (mobile vendor/food truck), 1919 N. Spruce in Wichita

  • Los Pumas (mobile vendor/food truck), 700 S. Pershing in Wichita

  • Lucky Restaurant, 6710 W. Kellogg Drive in Wichita

  • Marineros Tacos y Mas (mobile vendor/food truck), 355 W. 21st St. in Wichita

  • McAlister’s Deli, 2425 N. Rock Road in Derby

  • Mi Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurant, 2120 N. Broadway in Wichita

  • Midway Grill Pat’s Funnel Cakes, 500 E. Waterman in Wichita

  • Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill, 4041 N. Maize Road, Suite 260 in Maize

  • The Nut Place (mobile vendor/food truck), 500 E. Waterman in Wichita

  • Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, 4830 S. Broadway in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at the Coleman Company, 3600 N. Hydraulic in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics, 9400 E. 34th St. North in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at Midwest Corporate Aviation, 3512 N. Webb in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at Mill Creek Lumber, 1020 E. 19th St. in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at T-Mobile, 2550 N. Woodlawn in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at Truck Parts & Equipment, 4501 W. Esthner in Wichita

  • Premier Food Service at Wichita Furniture Distribution Center, 9100 E. 34th St. North in Wichita

  • Qdoba Mexican Eats, 500 E. Waterman in Wichita

  • QuikTrip, 1607 E. Lincoln in Wichita

  • Resurrection Catholic School, 4900 N. Woodlawn in Wichita

  • San Cruditas (mobile vendor/food truck), 150 S. Custer in Wichita

  • Spangles, 612 N. Tyler Road in Wichita

  • St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School, 3660 N. Ridge Road in Wichita

  • St. Joseph Catholic Church, 139 S. Millwood in Wichita

  • St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School Lunch Program, 11010 W. Southwest Boulevard in Wichita

  • Stucky Middle School, 4545 N. Broadview Circle in Wichita

  • Subway, 311 E. Pawnee in Wichita

  • Sweet Swapper cupcake ATM inside Towne East Square, 7700 E. Kellogg Drive in Wichita

  • Taco Bell, 2432 S. Seneca in Wichita

  • Taqueria El Rojo (mobile vendor/food truck), 1821 S. Edgemoor in Wichita

  • Umi Japanese Steakhouse, 11233 E. 13th St. in Wichita

  • Urban Preparatory Academy, 2821 E. 24th St. North in Wichita

  • Valley Center Intermediate School, 737 N. Meridian in Valley Center

  • Venue 3130, 3130 W. Central in Wichita

  • Walgreens, 2229 N. Maize Road in Wichita

  • Wendy’s, 2120 N. Woodlawn in Wichita

  • Wheatland Elementary School, 800 Meadow Road in Valley Center

  • Wingstop, 7325 W. Taft, Suite 106 in Wichita

  • Word of Life Ministries & Schools - Life Preparatory Academy dorms, 915 E. 53rd St. North in Wichita

Note: Sometimes addresses listed — especially for mobile vendors and food trucks — are not where food is actually served to the public. Contact those establishments directly for specific service locations.