OKC mother seeking justice after sons murder

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — An Oklahoma City mother is still searching for answers for her son who was shot to death back in February.

LOCAL: Police identify victim in NW Oklahoma City homicide

It has been nearly three months since police found 37-year-old Fred Gordon dead on the sidewalk in Northwest Oklahoma City.

There still hasn’t been an arrest, and Vickie Anderson, Fred’s mother, is worried she will never get justice for her son.

“The last time I saw him we gave each other a hug, said we love each other and see you later,” Anderson said.

However, later would never come as Fred Gordon was found shot to death on February 25th in NW Oklahoma City.

“Police were called to the area of Northwest 31st and Portland on a deceased person that was found there,” Dillion Quirk for Oklahoma City Police Department said. “Investigators arrived, discovered the 37-year-old male had suffered gunshot wounds.”

Anderson is confused, angry and upset as to why someone would do this to her son.

“Fred was actually a good kid,” Anderson said. “He loved to take care of old people. He loved animals and he loved kids.”

She says Fred kept to himself, and didn’t like getting involved with trouble.

“He really liked to stay to himself, so I don’t understand why this happened to him,” Anderson said.

He would even go help at the church down the street.

“He’d go down there and help them out, surprise the pastor every now and then by showing up at the back of the church,” Anderson said. “He was very spiritual.”

Nearly three months have gone by since his death and police still haven’t arrested anyone, and have very few leads to go on.

“There is a person and again, the picture is not of great quality, we realize, but we’re wanting to speak with that person in particular regarding this case,” Quirk said. “We believe they may have vital information on what happened to this victim.”

For Vickie, she has been waiting a long time for answers to get closure and hope she gets some soon.

In the meantime, they will continue to carry on his legacy and make sure people remember the man he was.

If you recognize the person in the photo or have any information about what happened, police say to call them immediately.

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