OKC-based Human Mode explores future tech before it gets here

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Seeing the future is one thing, but there aren’t very many people out there who can walk into it.

That’s where William Kerber lives though when he’s at the offices of Human Mode, a company he started in 2018.

“I like advancing technology,” Kerber tells us. “I like the challenge of new paradigms.”

One day he was building software at Paycom, then after lunch, Kerber launched himself into other worlds.

“I pretty much launched Human Mode that afternoon,” he recalls.

Make that several worlds now.

Human Mode’s newest virtual reality platform is the Bricktown District in OKC.

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Walk anywhere you want; Kerber sees it as an avenue for future commerce, for VR builders, and populated with all kinds of people—builders and consumers.

Kerber shows us how Bricktown joins what is “basically a big network of virtual worlds. The idea would be that you would create your own experience, not that we would create your experience for you. We provide you with the tools and the platform.”

Human Mode is a laboratory where the possibility for anyone to build their own world are wide open.

“We’re like a web host,” he explains.

From virtual to real, engineers here are building all kinds of actual robots. They are constantly testing the capabilities of what’s possible.

During a demo of a four-legged robot, Kerber says, “We design them so they can be controlled through VR, so you can extend your presence to the robot.”

Teaching a robot to walk, for instance, is getting faster all the time with 3-D printed parts and advances in artificial intelligence.

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“We’re becoming iterative with software,” he continues. “as opposed to building a robot just to see what happens.”

Kerber and crew like living on the edge of what the world might someday look like.

They could be wrong. No one really knows, but there is still so much to learn while gazing through the looking glass.

Kerber states, “As a futurist, I always have an interest in pushing technology.”

For more information on the company or to see some cool robot videos, visit their Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

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