Okay, Who Forgot to Nominate Psy for a Grammy?

Adam Clark Estes
Okay, Who Forgot to Nominate Psy for a Grammy?

When perusing the just-released list of this year's Grammy nominees, you'll notice a few names are conspicuously missing, namely that of the cheerful Korean man with the pop hit of historic proportions. We're talking about Psy, of course, the K-pop savant and YouTube sensation behind the song "Gangnam Style." Poor Psy didn't make it a single one of the Recording Academy's 81 different categories.

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The rest of the list is pretty much what you'd expect. Newcomer Frank Ocean scored six nominations, as did the relative old geisers Jay-Z and Kanye West. Mumford & Sons also got six. Fun. is the real standout, though, with six nominations of their own, including what The Los Angeles Times calls "a rare Grammy nomination grand slam," having secured nominations for Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album.

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But back to our original topic. Where is Psy's Grammy nod? In just four months, the 34-year-old pop star's "Gangnam Style" snatched the record for the most watched YouTube video in history. Just as quickly, Psy went from being a relatively unknown entity to a household name in the United States. He's been recognized as an "International Sensation" by United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who said he wanted to work with the pop star. He's won several of Korea's top civilian awards, including the Okgwan Order of Cultural merit. He's taught that funny horse-riding dance to pretty much every celebrity on the planet. (Ban Ki-moon is no exception.) If you've been following the awards circuit, though, Psy is getting more credit for the video than the song. And can you think of any other terrific Psy songs that have been stuck in your head? Neither can we.

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Psy isn't the only one missing from the list of nominees. Depending on who you talk to you'll hear gripes about everyone from Justin Bieber to Fiona Apple not making the list. Don't worry -- they'll all be fine. Justin Bieber still has his zany interpretation of fashion (and lots of money) to keep him him happy. Fiona Apple still has her awesome I'll-do-what-I-want attitude (and lots of money). Psy still has his dance moves (and lots of money).

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Check out the full list of nominees here.