Ohio Board of Nursing announces relocation of headquarters

Mar. 22—Reynoldsburg — Effective March 11, the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) is relocating its headquarters to 8995 East Main Street in Reynoldsburg.

The relocation marks a significant milestone in the OBN's operational journey. The move not only reflects the Board's commitment to efficiency and accessibility, but also signifies its evolving role in serving the nursing community and Ohioans.

"The relocation underscores the Ohio Board of Nursing's adaptability and responsiveness to changing circumstances for better efficiencies and customer service," Marlene Anielski, executive director of the Ohio Board of Nursing, said. "It puts the OBN in a position to streamline our administrative processes, foster greater collaboration among staff, and deliver more effective services to nurses and healthcare professionals across the state."

As the Ohio Board of Nursing settles into its new location, it stands poised to continue its crucial role in upholding the highest standards of nursing practice, ensuring public safety, and promoting the well-being of Ohio's citizens. The Ohio Board of Nursing's contact information will not change.

They can still be reached at 614-466-3947 or on their website, www.Nursing.Ohio.gov.