'Oh Lord': Woman's Hilarious Attempts to Stop Livestream Caught on Camera

A woman livestreaming the catch and release of a hammerhead shark in American Beach, Florida, on August 7 inadvertently caught her hilarious attempts to stop the video.

Sharon Skipper was enjoying a day at the beach when nearby fishermen reeled in a hammerhead shark. Curious, she and other beachgoers gathered to watch on as the shark was wrangled in the shallows and measured before being released back into the ocean.

She captured the event in a Facebook Live, but ran into trouble when she could not see how to stop streaming.

In this video, she approaches her husband and tells him she can’t stop the video.

“I can’t turn this thing off,” she says. “I can’t see. Can you see how to turn it off?”

Skipper’s husband appears not to know what she is talking about and instead informs her he also filmed the release. Her follow-up request for assistance is followed by a tapping noise and the phone switches to selfie mode.

“Hit the button,” her husband says as she squints over her sunglasses. However, she cannot find the button and instead walks up the beach continuing to film herself in her quest to stop the video. A few taps later, she approaches another man who also cannot lend a hand.

She eventually makes her way to the shade of a beach umbrella where after another tap and a sigh, she finally stops the video. Credit: Sharon Skipper via Storyful