Ogdensburg signs sewer service agreement with Heuvelton

Oct. 24—OGDENSBURG — The city of Ogdensburg has signed a sewer service agreement with the village of Heuvelton.

On Monday, City Council approved the agreement that will soon provide sewer service to the village following the near completion of the $13 million installation of 7 miles of sewer pipes connecting the two municipalities. The one-time connection fee of $42,500 would address improvements needed to connect the village's force main to the city's CSO tank on Railroad Street.

A intermunicipal sewer service agreement was entered between the two municipalities on April 11, 2019.

"This capital improvement has been deemed necessary in order for the City to accept Village sewage. Improvement includes the insulation of the exterior transmission pipe. The connection fee is to be paid by the Village within 30 days of the City's approval of this agreement," the resolution reads.

The resolution says the city would place the connection fee into an escrow account and "utilize the funds to pay for the contractor's expenses specifically related to the improvements required to support the connection from the Village."

In other City Council action:

— A public hearing was held and a resolution accepted changing the Administrative Regulations in Section AR-57 and concern charges for police reports. In-person police report requests will now cost $10, while equipment inspections (only for tickets not issued by OPD) would also now cost $10. Fingerprinting would cost $25 for two cards with additional cards costing an additional $5.

— Payment of $175,000 was authorized to Barrett Paving Materials Inc. associated with street maintenance and paving that were eligible for Consolidated Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) reimbursement.