Officials: Remains found in Lake Mead identified as College Hill man

A set of human bones that were discovered in Nevada's Lake Mead in May, have been identified as those of a College Hill man.

The Clark County medical examiner identified the remains found at Callville Bay, a waterway on the northwestern side of Lake Mead, as those of Thomas Erndt, according to NBC News.

According to an obituary published in The Enquirer, the 42-year-old man died in August of 2002 in an accident in Lake Mead. The College Hill man was described as a devoted father of two.

USA Today reports multiple sets of human remains, dozens of sunken boats, trash, and baby strollers have been found on the edge of Lake Mead this summer as water levels sit at their lowest since the reservoir was first filled.

On May 1, a barrel containing human remains that police said was probably dumped in the 1970s or 1980s was found near Hemenway Harbor, and more remains were discovered on the shoreline by paddleboarders a week later. Partial human remains were found in the Boulder Beach area on July 25.

The fourth set of skeletal remains were found at Swim Beach on Aug. 7, in the same area where the most recent set was discovered.

In total, five sets of skeletal remains have been discovered in Lake Mead since May.

This article originally appeared on Cincinnati Enquirer: Officials: Remains found in Lake Mead identified as College Hill man