This Is Why Coke Tastes Better From A Glass Bottle


Everyone knows that drinkingCoke out of a glass bottle just tastes better - but none of us actually know why.

Well, actually, we do know as science has stepped in to answer the age old question, ending years of confusion.

It is all to do with how the fizzy drink reacts to the material it is being held in - and it seems to be better when surrounded by glass than a metal can.

Science By Design founder Sarah Risch (who is also a scientist, naturally) explained that despite the best efforts of drinks companies, there will always be some kind of reaction which affects the liquid.

Basically, the Coke can absorbs some of the flavour of the drink, despite being lined with polymers that reduce the reaction.


Reaction: Coke in a can reacts with the metal (Rex)

The opposite is also true in the plastic bottles - you might find it tastes different because some of the flavour transfers over into the drink.

However, when encased in the classic Coke bottle, all the flavour is pretty much kept as it was meant to be served as there is hardly any reaction.

Therefore, you’re not so crazy when getting excited at having your Coke arrive in a glass bottle - this means you will get the full taste as it was meant to be served.

Anyone else thirsty now?

Top pic: Rex