Official says White House 'planned to shield Obama if Bin Laden raid went wrong'


Washington, May 8(ANI): Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey has made a staggering revelation that the White House had planned to shield Obama by blaming Navy Admiral William McRaven if Osama Bin Laden raid had failed.

Mukasey said the former CIA director wrote a highly lawyered note that would have put the responsibility on Admiral McRaven had the mission failed.

At the time of the raid last May, Admiral McRaven was commander of the Joint Special Operations Command.

President Obama sat nervously in the Situation Room the night of the raid, flanked by Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and other high-ranking officials as they watched the events unfold.

According to Mukasey, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta drafted a note that would have put the blame on Admiral McRaven.

"You better believe if anything else had been encountered and the mission had failed, then the blame would have fell on McRaven. That's what this is about,' The Daily Mail quoted Mukasey, as saying during an interview.

"I think there is going to be more that come tumbling out about that escapade. But so far, that memo is enough," he added. (ANI)