It's Official: Romney Got 47% of the Vote

Back in November, the gods of irony looked like they might shine upon Mitt Romney as he closed in on 47 percent of the popular vote in the presidential election tally. Now, as the new Congress certifies President Obama's win in the electoral college, comes word of the official final count from the Associated Press: the man behind the 47-percent video won over exactly 47.2 percent of America.

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"He did a bit better — 48.0 — if you just look at the two top candidates," reports ABC's Z. Byron Wolf, but, you know, where's the bitter aftertaste in that? Romney, of course, saw his campaign run aground when Mother Jones's David Corn unleashed the notorious video in which Romney accused 47 percent of the country to be entitled and not interested in voting for him; Corn recently revealed the process behind his obtaining and publishing the tape: 

Thhere [sic] was more on the video—Romney discussing his political strategy, saying the campaign was using his wife Ann "sparingly right now, so people don't get tired of her," and making cracks about the hosts of The View—but I knew the 47-percent remarks would be the story. I couldn't recall any major presidential candidate getting caught speaking in such contemptuous terms of his fellow citizens.

Well, it appears 47 percent is still the story — the AP's tally is the most frequently relied upon count of the popular vote in most elections, with newspapers often holding their "call" until the AP confirms what TV networks are all too happy to jump on early. 

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Oh, and in case you were wondering, Vice President Biden and Congress affirmed Obama's electoral win this afternoon, 332-206. (He did not shotgun a beer.)

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