Official Girl Scouts Cookie Oven Is Here — But Don’t Expect Perfect Thin Mints

Kelly Phillips Badal

Earlier this year, toy maker Wicked Cool Toys caused instant salivation among every cookie fanatic out there by announcing the Girl Scouts Cookie Oven, complete with cookie recipes.

The gadget promises to turn the coveted treat into an edible DIY project — and potentially make your Samoa and Thin Mint addiction into an all-year thing.

The oven, priced at $59.99, and cookie mixes, at $6.99, are set to release Sept. 30, but you can preorder them now. (Though one major retailer, Target, claims to already have them available to ship.) The oven comes with a Thin Mints mix (score!) and, yes, there’s a “coconut caramel” cookie, aka a Samoa, available too.

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But here’s how the cookie crumbles. Though the green-and-purple-branded oven is decidedly more advanced than the original Easy-Bake Oven — remember, those metal boxes “baked” with an incandescent light bulb, though newer models use an actual heating element — the results you’ll get won’t look like the pictures on the box. At least, not according to early reviews, like Gizmodo’s thorough testing.

Gizmodo tester Andrew Liszewski’s cookies — well, let’s just say they probably wouldn’t earn you a merit badge. Here’s his conclusion:

“Is anyone going to mistake your homemade Thin Mints for the real thing? Absolutely not. They’re going to look like they were made by an eight-year-old, not a trained pastry chef. And the mix we used only yielded about five quarter-sized cookies. … As far as taste goes, the cookies had a consistency that was closer to a [spongy] brownie than a cookie, but definitely had a decent mint and chocolate flavor. As a snack they didn’t disappoint, but they also didn’t come anywhere close to the joy (and shame) of downing an entire box of Thin Mints.”

So, the good news? The thing does bake cookies, which taste similar to the Girl Scouts’ coveted flavors. The bad? If you’re expecting to churn out a picture-perfect batch of cookies at home, you’ll likely be sorely disappointed.

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