Official: Up to 20 Ukrainian men arrested every day for illegally crossing border

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Andriy Demchenko, a spokesman for Ukraine's State Border Guard, reported on June 4 that border guards detain up to 20 men trying to go abroad illegally every day.

Under martial law, men aged 18 to 60 are banned from going abroad without a special permit.

Some of them use fake death certificates of their wives as the law allows single parents to cross the border.

In other cases, Ukrainian men also falsify children's birth certificates, he said. According to the law, men who have three or more children aged up to 18 are allowed to cross the border.

They also use fake documents from the military enlistment office claiming that are
unfit for military service, Demchenko said.

According to a decision by the National Security and Defense Council, starting from January 2023, MPs, prosecutors, officials, and representatives of local authorities will not be able to go abroad without legitimate reasons.

Men who are already serving in the Ukrainian army have the right to cross the border only if they have been injured and need treatment or rehabilitation abroad.

Among the men who are allowed to cross the border are drivers of companies that have a license for international cargo transportation, as well as volunteer drivers who deliver supplies for the Ukrainian army and humanitarian aid.