Officers named in undercover police sex case


London (AFP) - The Metropolitan Police on Friday revealed the names of two undercover officers who are accused of having relationships with female members of groups they had infiltrated.

Jim Boyling and Bob Lambert have been charged with forming relationships with women while living under assumed identities.

The Met was forced to disclose the names after High Court judge Justice Bean ruled last month that the force could not use its policy of "neither confirm nor deny" (NCND) in response to damages claims brought by the aggrieved women.

The claimants are among a number of people demanding compensation for the emotional trauma caused by officers who used false identities to infiltrate environmental activist groups.

The claims for deceit, assault, negligence and misfeasance in public office arise out of long-term and sexual relationships the women shared with members of the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS), between 1987 and 2007.

The names of the officers were made public in order to allow the force to respond to the claims after an ultimatum was issued by Justice Bean.

The Met's NCND policy is designed to protect the identities and safety of officers working undercover.

"In compliance with the order of Justice Bean the MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) has confirmed in its defence that Jim Boyling and Bob Lambert were undercover police officers," a Met spokesman said.