Officers found secret Cleveland bar behind hidden door — why no charges were filed

CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team went back to Cleveland police to answer the question so many viewers are asking since we revealed a secret door leading to an illegal bar.

Why no charges?

Last week, we showed you police video of a hidden doorway leading to a nightclub. Investigators found no license to sell alcohol.

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Police went to East 186 and St. Clair to check out a coffee shop selling alcohol. Then, an officer found a secret door leading to a bar with a kitchen.

Police told us no one got charged since the operation shut down immediately. Still, some of you raised questions. So, we pressed for an explanation.

We pointed out to Sgt. Freddy Diaz that officers walked in and basically caught people in the act. So, why were no charges filed?

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“So, that’s a good question,” the sergeant answered. “They have the option to arrest, issue citations or a warning. We have discretion based on the severity of the violation, the amount of complaints. So, it’s a total comprehensive view. Not just we show up and everybody’s getting arrested.”

The video shows police trying to explain the process of getting permits, but both businesses at that location shut down and did not try to reopen.

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