Fairytale Path for Your Valentine's Day Love

This garden path makes a perfect romantic and magical entrance to your Valentine’s Day event.  It looks like it belongs in a fairy tale where only princesses tread.  A perfect DIY for fancy shoes…lightly stepping into their pink lady’s luncheon to celebrate all things love.


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  • 16 inch square ceramic tiles

  • Stix brand primer (allows paint to adhere to smooth surfaces)

  • Variety of outdoor floor paint (3 to 5 colors)

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  • Paint brushes or small rollers

  • Small hand shovel

1. Prime your tiles with two coats of Stix primer.

2. Paint tiles.

3. Arrange your path tiles, spaced out to your liking (6-inch spaces recommended).

4. If you are laying your path in the lawn, trim grass and level dirt to settle the tiles into the ground.

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