For Those With OCD, This Instagram Photographer's Work Will Make You So Happy

Rows of grapes, perfectly laid out from purple to gold; heirloom carrots marching in a row!

For those who crave order and symmetry, Brittany Wright’s precise and visually-delicious Instagram photos are an obsessive-compulsive person’s dream-come-true.

That isn’t just hyperbole, either.

Several years ago, a woman with severe OCD issues wrote the photographer to share how looking at Wright’s images helped relieve a chronic nervous tic and calmed her body.

“I never thought how my art could help someone like that,” Wright says. “And how could I not want to keep doing it?”

The photographer kicked off her #foodgradients project about two years ago, wanting to share her excitement and love for food with the people around her. The gorgeous images show the wide range of color found in fruits and vegetables, placed in arresting patterns.

“I didn’t want it to be about me, but about how good the food is,” she says. That passion has helped fans get healthier, too. She was honored when a woman wrote saying that Wright’s art had inspired her to feed her family better.

“I joke with my friends, and call it “re-branding vegetables!”

Long a #foodporn star on Instagram, the photographer’s art has been the hot thing on the Internet this month, with lots of media coverage. Her images have been posted and reposted on Instagram over the years, often without credit, so the publicity has been a boon in getting her name out there.

“It’s been incredibly overwhelming,” she says.

Visit Wright’s Instagram to see more of her “organized art.” Prints are available at her website.

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