@BarackObama tweet about education cuts includes grammatical error

Dylan Stableford
Obama: 'Our focus cannot drift' from jobs, economy
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President Barack Obama talks to a class of pre-Kindergarten school children at Moravia Park Elementary School in Baltimore, Md., Friday, May 17, 2013, during the his second "Middle Class Jobs and Opportunity Tour". (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

President Barack Obama's verified Twitter feed linked on Monday to a Huffington Post article about how the government sequestration has resulted in cuts to Head Start, a federal education program designed to help low-income families with prekindergarten children.

The tweet, though, contained a grammatical error.

At least one Twitter user caught the error:

But those looking to nail the Harvard Law-educated president on a common grammatical flub might have to wait.

Obama's Twitter feed, which has more than 35 million followers, is operated by the staff of Organizing for Action, the president's political action committee. When Obama himself issues a personal message on Twitter, the tweets are tagged with the president's initials, "—b.o."