Obama, Romney Are Mortal Enemies in Hilarious 'Political Kombat' [VIDEO]

Alex Fitzpatrick

Political Kombat '12: Obama Vs. Trump

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How much fun would presidential debates be if they allowed Mortal Kombat-style special attacks, combos and fatalities?

While that might not happen in real life, Slate went ahead and imagined the 2012 presidential election as the old-school video game classic.

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Included as characters are Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Donald Trump and others-- the gang's all here, folks. Character's special moves, fatalities and game environments draw on campaign themes and narratives such as "Hope," "Birth Certificate," "Weird Ad," "Money Shield" and "Obamaville."

Click through the gallery and check out the videos for yourself. They're crazy fun to watch -- we only wish this was an actual video game!

[Source: Slate]

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