Obama Refutes Welfare Attacks in New Ad

Matt Vasilogambros


The Obama campaign is out with a rebuttal ad, addressing a Mitt Romney spot that attacked the president on welfare reform.

Citing news stories that called the Romney campaign spot “blatantly false,” the 30-second ad, called “Blatant,” outlines what Obama has done to support welfare reform.

“In fact, Obama’s getting states to move twenty percent more people from welfare to work,” the ad says.

Former President Bill Clinton, whose image was used in the earlier Romney ad campaign to hit Obama, has called the ad “not true.” Former presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said on Wednesday he had “no proof” the ad was true. But he still said the ad was accurate to the president’s ideology.

On the trail this week, Romney has accused Obama of “taking work requirement out of welfare.”

“The facts are clear: President Obama's executive action dismantles welfare-to-work and undermines the very premise of bipartisan welfare reform," Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg said in an to National Journal. "As president, Mitt Romney will immediately rescind the Obama executive action and ensure that work requirements are a part of welfare. On this issue, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama couldn’t be further apart.”

The ad will air in Colorado, Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, and Virginia.