Obama to Fluke: Your Parents Should Be Really Proud

After Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a "slut" and "prostitute" for testifying to Congress about the need for contraceptive health care coverage, the Georgetown law student became something of a lightning rod. Now President Obama has called to thank her. The President called Fluke on the phone just before her appearance on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC Friday, she told Mitchell, and offered words of support and an implicit rebuke of Limbaugh. This comes after Speaker John Boehner criticized the conservative radio host and at least one advertiser abandoned his show.

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Fluke told Mitchell:

[Obama] encouraged me and supported me and thanked me for speaking out about the concerns of American women, and what was really personal for me was that he said to tell my parents they should be really proud.

Obama was alluding to Limbaugh's trolling question, "Can you imagine if you're her parents how proud of Sandra Fluke you would be? Your daughter goes up to a congressional hearing conducted by the Botox-filled Nancy Pelosi and testifies she's having so much sex she can't afford her own birth control pills and she agrees that Obama should provide them, or the Pope."


We'll leave it you to decide whose comments are making Fluke's parents prouder right now.