Obama Raises $181 Million in September

Brian Resnick
National Journal

Coming off a harsh debate week, the Obama campaign has something else to cheer about besides the reported drop in unemployment.

Obama raised $181 million from 1.8 million donors in September, which campaign manager Jim Messina called "our biggest month yet" in a news release. Furthermore, the release said, the campaign and Democratic Party have exceeded 10 million donations for the year.

In the last election cycle, Reuters reports, the Obama campaign and the DNC hauled in $193 million in September. In August of this year, Obama outraised Romney by $3 million, ending a three-month run of Mitt Romney outraising the president.

Romney has not yet released his September fundraising figures, but the campaign already appears to be off to a good start in October. News reports said his performance in Wednesday's debate led to raising $12 million in online donations in less than 48 hours.

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