Obama Might Issue an Executive Order to Force Gun Control

President Obama might bypass congress by issuing an executive order to mandate new background checks for guns.

With his back against the wall, President Barack Obama might be considering a controversial option to finally take action on gun control after yet another U.S. mass shooting.

The Washington Post is reporting that the president could sidestep congress and use his power to issue an executive order that would mandate more and stricter background checks for gun buyers.

Think about this for a moment: Obama has addressed the public after mass shootings at least 15 times during his presidency. This year alone, he has given speeches after the massacres in Charleston, Chattanooga and Oregon.

When 20 students and six adults were killed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, it felt like perhaps we'd reached the point where even the most pro-gun legislators could no longer ignore the need for gun control we've had 142 school shootings in this country since then.

Need more? Maybe you've seen this video:

So yes, the president may very well be considering taking the only action available to him in a situation where the nation is looking at him to do something, anything, and the NRA's kung-fu grip on Congress is only getting tighter and the president himself recognizes we're becoming numb to it all.

Meanwhile the president went to Oregon today to meet with victims of the mass shooting at a community college there. He was greeted at the airport by hundreds of pro-gun protesters with signs like this:


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