‘Obama Girl’ is ‘not as excited’ about 2012, won’t endorse Obama

Amber Lee Ettinger, widely known as “Obama Girl” during the 2008 presidential campaign, told The Daily Caller she is “not as excited as I was the last time, that’s for sure.”

The model-actress became a nationally known celebrity after starring in the viral YouTube video “Crush on Obama.”

“Barack Obama was definitely the first ‘Internet President,’” she said, describing her experiences during the last cycle as “quite a roller coaster ride.”

This time, however, Ettinger won’t say if she still supports Obama.

“At this point I’m keeping that to myself,” she told TheDC. “If I’m not making videos, I’m not sure it’s anyone’s business who I’m voting for this time around.”

“I think in the next few months it’s going to be very interesting to see what happens,” Ettinger said. ”I’d like to get out there and see what the young voters think about both candidates… I might need to break out my flip cam and take a road trip.”

Outside of the realm of politics, the one-time “Obama girl” is ”going back to school full time, acting and developing [her] jewelry line.”

Combating rumors that she didn’t vote in the 2008 election, Ettinger told TheDC that she did indeed vote, in Pennsylvania.

Watch the original “Crush on Obama” video here:

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