Obama Deploys Bill Clinton Again: This Time, It's Economic

Elspeth Reeve
Obama Deploys Bill Clinton Again: This Time, It's Economic

President Obama's campaign used Bill Clinton to make the case that Obama was a decisive bin Laden killer in March, and now it's using Clinton again, this time to remind voters that the economy can be good under a Democratic president. In the new ad, Clinton says Obama "has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up" to strengthen the middle class. "That's what happened when I was president!" Clinton says. The ad is airing in eight swing states -- most of which happen to have unemployment rates that are lower than the national average.

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Clinton has popped up in several election ads, and not all of them from Democrats. Republicans have been playing on Clinton nostalgia -- and other, less warm-and-fuzzy feelings -- in ads accusing Obama of gutting welfare reform. (These claims have been found false by almost every fact-checker.) The latest ad from the Republican National Committee, for example, says that if Obama had been president, welfare reform would have never even happened. Obama is reclaiming Clinton's legacy.