Obama Campaign Bullish on Ohio

Stacy Kaper
National Journal

Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said the Obama team is feeling “confident” about the president’s prospects of winning the key battleground state of Ohio.

“We feel pretty good on the ground there,” she said on ABC’s This Week. “We feel good about Ohio, we think we are going to win it.”

A recent CNN/ORC International Poll shows the president leading by four points over Mitt Romney in Ohio.

Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio, however, said that Romney is narrowing the gap in his state, squeezing President Obama’s lead.

Portman, speaking on Fox News Sunday, said Ohio newspapers are reporting the race is in a “dead heat,” and that the Romney camp has the “momentum,” and “energy and enthusiasm on our side.”

Cutter said the campaign was also feeling confident about early voting in crucial swing states like Florida. “We feel good,” she said. “There is momentum out there.”

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