Should Obama Go Big on Climate Agenda?

Amy Harder
National Journal

Updated, June 26: In his speech on Tuesday, President Obama laid out an ambitious plan to confront climate change, including regulations controlling greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, clamping down on coal plants overseas and speeding up renewable-energy development on public lands.

What's your reaction to Obama's climate-change plan? 

Original question, posted June 24:

What policies should President Obama include in the global-warming initiatives he will announce on Tuesday? 

Heather Zichal, Obama’s top aide on energy and climate, said last week that the plan will include energy efficiency, renewable-energy development on public lands, and—most contentious of the three—regulations controlling greenhouse-gas emissions. The administration is likely going to pursue regulations targeting existing power plants, which account for nearly 40 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions in the country.

Should Obama go all-in on EPA’s rules for existing plants? Why or why not? What other policies should be considered in the context of a climate-change agenda? What will Obama’s forthcoming initiatives mean for congressional action on energy and environmental issues?