Obama Approval Falls in Post-Debate Gallup Poll

Steven Shepard
National Journal

Americans have mixed opinions about President Obama's job performance following last week's presidential debate, according to new poll results released Sunday by Gallup.

Forty-eight percent of Americans approve of the job Obama is doing as president, while 46 percent disapprove. The poll consists of interviews conducted Thursday, Friday and Saturday; it is the first time Gallup's three-day rolling sample has reflected interviews conducted entirely following the debate.

Prior to the debate, 54 percent approved of Obama's job performance, versus 42 percent who disapprove. Those figures, from interviews conducted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, had been Obama's best standing since November 2009.

Obama maintains a modest, 3-point edge among registered voters in Gallup's 7-day rolling look at the presidential race, leading Mitt Romney, 49 percent to 46 percent. But fewer than half of the interviews for that poll were conducted after the debate.

Gallup interviewed around 1,500 adults over the previous three days for presidential approval, and around 3,000 registered voters over the past 7 days for the horse-race poll.