Obama Adviser Says GOP Convention a Bust

Chris Frates

President Obama’s senior strategist David Axelrod attempted Sunday to paint the Republican National Convention as a bust for Mitt Romney and his party.

"The problem with what Governor Romney said is for three days they never offered anybody a plausible alternative," he said. "He spoke for 45 minutes and never really offered any real ideas for how to move the economy forward, how to lift the middle class. And in that sense, I think his convention was a terrible failure."

Asked on Fox News Sunday about polls showing a modest bump for Romney post-convention, Axelrod shot back, “I don’t really see any bounce. … Throughout the week I saw absolutely no movement and I don’t think there would have been because people were looking for answers, they were looking for solutions and what they got was snarky attacks and bromides for the base. And I think people walked away unsatisfied from that convention. I think the race is exactly where it was before they walked in and now it’s our turn.”

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