In New Obama Ad, Workers Tout Economic Growth

Lara Seligman
National Journal

Just a day ahead of the second presidential debate, President Obama’s reelection campaign on Monday released a new ad capitalizing on the most recent jobs numbers and defending the president’s economic plan.

The ad, entitled “Main Street,” is the president’s first ad this cycle to feature testimonials from Americans across the country discussing how Obama’s economic policies are helping move the economy forward. 

The first two women featured in the spot, scheduled to run in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and Virginia, discuss the progress their businesses have made since Obama took office.

“We've gone from pulling into our parking lot, which was so depressing there would be two or three cars in this parking lot, to our parking lot being full,” the first business-owner says.

“We have a whole second shift that we brought in, new employees, and we have a future at our plant now,” the second woman says.

“Stick with this guy,” a man says as an image of president Obama embracing a woman at an auto plant flashes across the screen. “He will move us forward.”

The ad seeks to capitalize on recent positive economic news, such as a rise in consumer confidence and a drop in the unemployment rate in September. 

Meanwhile, GOP challenger Mitt Romney's campaign countered with a statement released on Monday that highlights the national debt as an example of the president's "failed economic policies."

"President Obama entered office promising to deliver a new direction on our nation's out-of-control deficits," Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul said in the statement. "Instead, the President's failed economic policies have produced trillions of dollars in new debt that could cost middle-class families $4,000 in higher taxes."