OAN host calls for mass executions of those responsible for 'overthrowing' Trump

One America News' Pearson Sharp made a broad and terrifying argument in a segment that first aired Tuesday night, falsely asserting that "hundreds of thousands" of Americans were involved in a "coup" against former President Donald Trump. Those who worked to overthrow Trump, Sharp went on, should be dealt with — permanently.

"What happens to all these people who are responsible for overthrowing the election?" Sharp asks in his segment, while implying that state election audits would eventually reveal a Trump victory. Well "in the past," he declares, "America had a very good solution for dealing with such traitors: Execution."

Since the election, OAN has continued to peddle lies and conspiracy theories in support of Trump's assertion that the 2020 election was rigged, The Daily Beast writes, although the network was previously reported to have quietly removed claims of election fraud from its website for fear of a lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems.

Read more at The Daily Beast.

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