Oakland Chinatown Hit With Over 20 Attacks Targeting Elderly, Women in 2 Weeks

Recent robberies and attacks have left store owners in Oakland's Chinatown concerned about the futures of their small businesses.


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A series of crimes: In the past two weeks, more than 20 businesses have suffered from thefts and attacks, ABC7 News reports.

  • During a recent theft, a man grabbed the wallet of a paying customer.

  • So far, the victims have usually been women and senior citizens.

  • Carl Chan, the president of Oakland's Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, claims to have spoken with the store owners affected by the crimes.

  • Chan says the rise in these incidents is stopping people from shopping in the neighborhood, which is already struggling because of the current pandemic.

  • Dion Lim, a reporter for ABC7 News, tweeted a series of videos that show clips of some of the recent crimes.

The need to report: In light of recent events, Chan is encouraging witnesses to speak out.

  • With an increase in incident reports, local law enforcement will pay more attention to the neighborhood.

  • "What you're seeing is only a fraction of what has happened in Chinatown," Chan said. "Many are not willing to, they feel that if they report it nothing happens. We have been trying to encourage them please report the incidents."

  • Later this week, a press conference on behalf of the store owners will be held. During the conference, there will be requests for resources such as more police patrols and public security cameras.

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