NYPD cracking down on fare evaders: ‘Plainclothes officers are a great law enforcement tool’

NYPD cracking down on fare evaders: ‘Plainclothes officers are a great law enforcement tool’

NEW YORK (PIX11) — PIX11 News was there when fare beaters were caught red-handed, abusing the system, and not paying their fare. 

The NYPD is using plain-clothes officers to crack down on fare evaders, but the focus is really on getting to violent criminals or repeat offenders.

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Capt. Alexander Shopiro, head of Transit District 12, said, “A lot of people are frustrated because they have to pay their fare and others do not.”

If you think it is petty to go after people for not paying the $2.90, the department says think again, police believe this work could lead them to a gunman or violent offenders who terrorize the system.

“We do see people carrying weapons right in front of us in plain sight.”  Shopiro also added that plainclothes officers are a great law enforcement tool,” Capt. Shopiro said.

It is one of many tactics police are using, officers blending into the crowds to fight crime and stop things from escalating.

At the Hunts Point Avenue station in the Bronx during the operation, members of Transit District 12 Public Safety stopped 19 people for Theft of Service and arrested three people.

They also issued four summonses.

From the palm of their hands, police can put the person’s information into the system and check for warrants or see if they are repeat offenders. So far this year overall transit crime is up more than 13% compared to the same period last year. Still, the department says it is making great strides after beefing up the system with more than a thousand more officers and new technology.

Capt. Shopiro said, that perception is everything and that is why they have a layered approach to their law enforcement efforts.

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