NYC wreath exhibition re-imagines holiday decorations

STORY: These unique holiday wreaths

all tell a different story

Location: New York

(Ash Cortes, New York City Parks & Antiquities)

“These wreaths are all unique in their design and creation and their materials. So the one requirement of this exhibition is that the wreaths are made out of unique materials. // So this wreath, titled ‘Found in New York City,’ is made of all different kinds of recycled materials. Specifically MetroCards found paper plastic bags that were cut up to make flowers.” //

"A Glimpse of Paradise’ is deceiving from the outside, it's supposed to look like a wasp nest, and when you look inside a whole world opens up."

NYC Parks has displayed dozens

of wreath interpretations since 1982

This year, over 30 handcrafted wreaths

are on display at the Arsenal Gallery

The free exhibit runs until January 4