NYC’s Crumbs Bake Shop relaunches after 2016 shuttering

A once-popular local bakery chain that ran out of dough nearly a decade ago is coming back.

Crumbs Bake Shop, the Upper West Side-born enterprise credited for the gourmet cupcake trend nearly 20 years ago, is back in business with Thursday’s announcement that original husband-and-wife co-founders Mia and Jason Bauer struck a deal to relaunch their brand and take it national.

The company will sell its signature flavors like Squiggle, Red Velvet and Cookies and Creme on its supersized cupcakes as a direct-to-consumer offering through its website.

Hometown fans can order same day delivery throughout Manhattan via a partnership with REEF, North America’s largest operator of mobility real estate and delivery-only kitchens.

Crumbs cupcakes and cookies will arrive in supermarkets by the end of the year, starting with locations in the New York area.