NY Times Ripped For Tweet Saying Putin 'Made The Case' For Ukraine Invasion

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The New York Times is coming under fire for a tweet suggesting Russian president Vladimir Putin “made the case” for an invasion of Ukraine during a speech on Monday.

During his speech, Putin questioned whether nations like Ukraine that emerged after the fall of the Soviet Union should be independent.

Afterward, the Times posted a tweet promoting its story on Putin’s speech.

Although “made the case” can be interpreted as a slightly nicer version of “argued,” many Twitter users felt the Times tweet seemed to support Putin’s excuses for escalating tensions in the regions.

Others thought the paper should have pointed out that Putin’s “fiery speech” sounded awfully familiar.

Some people had questions.

Others had advice.

HuffPost reached out to the New York Times for comment on the reaction to the tweet, but no one immediately responded.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.