Number of people checked for collaborationism in de-occupied territories equals population of small oblast centre Ukraines Interior Ministry

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The Ukrainian police have checked 123,000 residents of liberated territories for cooperation with Russian invaders; 8,500 of these people were brought to the Security Service of Ukraine for further verification.

Source: First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Yevheniy Yenin on the air of the 24/7 national newscast

Quote: "We actively accept all statements about crimes, and later it will be possible to talk about a clearer picture and scale of the criminal activities of the occupying authorities.

If you are interested in statistics on Ukraine, the police have already checked 123,000 people; it’s like checking all residents of a small oblast centre. More than 20,000 of these are those who left the liberated territory and passed filtration measures, as well as those checked during filtration measures in liberated localities."

Details: Yenin stressed that such checks are performed "not for the sake of statistics."

"For example, 8,400 of these people were handed over to the Security Service of Ukraine for further verification activities. A considerable part of them were notified of suspicion or immediately detained by law enforcement officers. And during such events, we seize weapons, grenades, ammunition and explosives," he said.

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